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Locksmith tips and advice

Secure your premises - great locksmith tips and advice

There are many cost effective ways to secure your home. Keys4U Locksmiths have put together the following list of simple tips for home security to help beat the burglar.

Safe Practice

  • Never open the door to unknown visitors. Fit a door viewer (peep / spy hole) or a door chain and take a look at who is at your door before opening it.
  • Don't leave keys on the inside of door locks or window ledges near the door as burglars can break a window and reach inside and unlock the door.
  • Remove keys from view and keep them in a safe place.
  • Don't leave your name and address on any key tags. If you lose your keys away from the home they could fall into the wrong hands.

Physical Security

  • Have window locks fitted....

Emergency locksmith West Hampstead

Hi Everyone! It’s getting really cold outside, but even in winter, you must not neglect your physical fitness – like this poor customer from West Hampstead who called us last winter, but we still remember the story fondly. Around 7pm we got a call from a woman who was panting and breathing heavily. She said she has just finished her daily run, and realized upon arriving at her house that she forgot her keys inside. Not only that, she did not have her phone with her, and had to borrow one from a passer by. Despite her predicament, she sounded calm and cool, and her only concern was not being able to go back inside and finish her workout. We made sure that we got her address and details down, since no phone meant no way for...

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