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WARNING! High risk of burglary at Christmas!

It’s almost Christmas time and the winter cold is here! It’s all so exciting buying presents, decorating the house and getting all stocked up on the yummy festive food. Maybe you’re going to see family on the other side of the country, or you’re just taking a holiday abroad to escape the winter chills. Whatever you’re up to this Christmas just bear in mind that Christmas is the perfect incentive to commit burglaries, therefore the busiest time in the burglars calendar! They know exactly where to look. According to the Guardian almost three-quarters of us Brits feel more at risk of burglary over Christmas. Homes are 22% more likely to be burgled on the 31st of December than on a normal average day.

At KEYS4U Locksmith we are passionate about safety and security, so here are...

Car Keys

Lost your car keys? The dealer has told you that you need to tow the car..  Don't worry; there is a more cost effective, easier, time saving  and less stressful solution.. Keys4u Locksmiths will come to your rescue, no matter where your car is located anywhere in London and the surrounding areas. We have fully equipped mobile vans on call and ready to generate for you a new key.  We can generate keys for most cars and we can even provide you with the original remote headed key without having to go to the dealer.  Our technicians operate 24/7, so can be at your rescue at anytime, whether it be the middle of the night; weekends; holidays; our service is available for you at your convenience. How does it work? It's very simple, all you need to do is to call...