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Professional Smart Product Review

3 leading brands on the market and how do they compare?

Smart door locks seem to be the most popular smart home products, so we have researched the top 3 best smart locks on the market by well-known lock brands. These include Mul-T-Lock, Yale and Burg Wachter. We have considered the security level, price range, installation, the ease of use and appearance of all to find which is the most powerful and efficient. One of the biggest advantages to a smart lock is that unlike conventional locks they give you the option to control your locks or who has access to your home remotely via an app on your smartphone. This not only eradicates the need to cut keys for guests, family or friends as and when they need to enter your home; but you'll also never...

Why use a professional locksmith?

There are many reasons why it's always worth taking a professional and reputable locksmith. When it comes to your home security, you want to know that you're in safe and trustworthy hands. After all inadequate workmanship when it comes to your locks and general home security, could cost you your most valued possessions. Here are a few of the most common scenarios and why it's so important to use a locksmith that has the credentials to get the job done properly.


Getting locked out of our home is one of those things that we believe will never happen to us. It's actually more common than you can imagine and has happened to most of us at some point in our lives.

When it does happen, you'll be wanting a fast response and a locksmith that knows what...