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Locksmith Q & A’s

Our expert locksmiths have taken the time to gather your most frequent locksmith questions and provide expert advice. What are the differences between a residential and a commercial locksmith service? What are the challenges to both? The fundamental difference between residential and commercial locksmiths is the type of locks they supply. Generally, most good locksmiths will handle both. As a general rule of the thumb, the highest quality durable locks are required for most commercial properties that face heavy traffic coming in and out all day. Locks are graded 1-3 with number 1 being the strongest. Commercial properties ordinarily need grade 1 locks in order to adequately secure the building and withhold the wear and tear that goes with heavy everyday use. A commercial locksmith will also specialise in installation and repairs of different security systems designed specifically...

Security Cameras

IP Security cameras

Once upon a time, home security cameras involved costly and complicated wiring and installation by professional alarm companies. These days thanks to a number of plug and play consumer based security cameras on the market, setting up a CCTV system at your home or business yourself has never been easier. Easier installation and the option to Do It Yourself also means that home security systems have become much more affordable and accessible to the majority of us.

Keys4u: Home security

These digital cameras also known as (Internet Protocol) IP cameras take home security to a whole new level, giving you the ability to connect to the web and to control your system and viewing remotely. Many of the sophisticated IP cameras also enable you to record footage and save images. What’s more...