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CCTV systems

The very best in CCTV security

CCTV also known as closed-circuit television is one of the most popular choices of security systems on the market today. Video cameras are used to monitor a specific place without you having to physically be there. None of us can be on guard 24/7 and this is where CCTV serves a very useful and effective purpose. Not only are they a huge deterrent for would be intruders, drastically reducing the risk of your property being broken into, but they give you hard evidence and a good chance of catching the offenders should you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having your property broken into. CCTV helps reduce crime and keeps you, your family and those around you safe, as well as protecting your premises and the valuables inside them.

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Security grilles

Enhanced internal and external security grilles

Sometimes the only solution is a sturdy internal or external security grilles. Grilles are an excellent idea if you want to increase security but maintain the look of your windows and doors. It might be a side-folding full enclosure or side-folding open air and upward coiling grille, a gate grille, diamond mesh grille or retractable grille. Barred grilles and strapping grilles are popular but so are ornamental grilles, designed for good looks as well as rock solid security. Whatever you need we can recommend, source, supply and fit it with minimal fuss and hassle, quickly and efficiently, at an affordable price.

Burglar bars – An impressive standard of physical security

When you want the highest possible standard of domestic or commercial security, heavy duty steel or iron security bars help you sleep...