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Alarm systems

Domestic alarms and commercial alarm systems

An alarm system is one of the best deterrents at your disposal. With intruders more likely to target business premises and homes with poor or less apparent security, simply having a visible intruder alarm can make a significant difference to your risk of burglary, theft, robbery or vandalism. Our master locksmiths are here to help with common sense, expert advice about the best home security and commercial security systems on the market. We’ll recommend, fit and fix your new system in no time, every time, with a smile, at a very reasonable cost.

Home security alarm systems – From basic to sophisticated

There are various types of home alarm system, each with its own level of security. We source and fit the lot, from basic bells-only alarms through to 24/7 alarms with...

Access Control

The very best secure entry systems

You need to limit who gets into your building. Only those who belong there should be able to get in. Which means you need a new secure door entry system. Perhaps your existing system needs repairing, maintenance or an upgrade. Whether you need electronic access control, mechanical access control or a door entry system, we are your local experts. All our people are properly qualified and trained. We know access control systems inside out. We can even recommend the most suitable system for your specific circumstances. Just ask.

Electronic access control – Get the right solution

There are numerous systems on the market, each with its own set of key benefits. These include automatic release locking mechanisms, one-tag opening of assigned doors, easy configuration and re-configuration, flexibility, key-free solutions and super-fast lock...