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Access Control Installation

Access control installation is an excellent solution for all businesses that have a number of people entering and exiting the premises on a daily basis. Whether you’re trying to secure a large office building, hospital, industrial estate, school or any other type of building, access control helps you to manage and regulate only authorised people to enter the building or parts of the building, whilst simultaneously restricting unauthorised people. All this without the use of conventional keys, which not only proves cost effective but saves time as well, since you’ll never have to cut keys again, change locks or chase ex employees to give their key back.

Access control gives a few options for your employees to access the building which include: card, key fob, PIN, password or something biometric such as a fingerprint. When access is no longer permitted to someone, they can simply be removed from the system by reconfiguring the code which deactivates the lost or no longer valid card or fob. Access control installation gives the added advantage of being able to track the movements of employees and visitors within the building. Safety is not compromised since the system can be programmed to release all locks in the event that the fire alarm should be triggered.

If you’re interested in having an access control system installed, please do not hesitate to speak to one of our professional locksmiths for a personal consultation on what we have to offer and which ones will best serve your needs. Installation can be carried out at a convenient time for you.