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The very best secure entry systems

You need to limit who gets into your building. Only those who belong there should be able to get in. Which means you need a new secure door entry system. Perhaps your existing system needs repairing, maintenance or an upgrade. Whether you need electronic access control, mechanical access control or a door entry system, we are your local experts. All our people are properly qualified and trained. We know access control systems inside out. We can even recommend the most suitable system for your specific circumstances. Just ask.

Electronic access control – Get the right solution

There are numerous systems on the market, each with its own set of key benefits. These include automatic release locking mechanisms, one-tag opening of assigned doors, easy configuration and re-configuration, flexibility, key-free solutions and super-fast lock release, different access for different groups of people, simple access controls for visitors, employees and the general public. Whatever you need, we’ll provide it. And if you don’t know what’s best, we’ll advise and guide you.

Mechanical access control – Expert advice from qualified locksmiths

Traditional mechanical locks, push-button locking and high security cylinder locks are the backbone of many a security portfolio. We take a flexible, professional approach to access control solutions, depending on your door application. And we can advise you about a variety of different products, ranging from the simple and elegant mechanical digital push button lock with single code access to more sophisticated ‘dual credential’ systems designed for big businesses with a large staff, each with their own unique entry code. How do you know which you need? We’ll be delighted to give sensible advice.

Door entry systems – From all the major manufacturers

We have an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the ins and outs of door entry systems, from all the best manufacturers, for any and every size of building and type of business. You might need a kit, entrance panels and posts, audio and video entry systems, power supplies, control equipment or the whole lot. Whatever your premises requires, we’re your trusted one-stop-shop for every aspect of secure access control.

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