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How to install a deadlock

This video shows you a tutorial of how to install a deadlock, carried out by a certified locksmith engineer who is covering the London area.

Steps of how to install a deadlock:

1. Measure the size of the lock and mark the top and bottom of the 5 lever lock on the edge of the door where you plan to drill. 2. Attach the jig in order to create the hole for the lock. 3. Connect the drill to the jig and drill according to the measurements you took previously. 4. Remove jig from the door. 5. Create a hole for the keyhole on the front and back of the door by a 6mm...

Smart Key – the future of home security

Well who would have thought that in the future, keys may no longer look like keys at all; but will come one day in the form of a phone!! This could well be the key (pardon the pun) to the future and a whole new way for us to secure our homes.

Smart keys for the home are still a very new idea with only a handful of companies marketing them including Goji, August and Okido to name a few but the idea is taking off at speed and for good reason too! In short, smart keys enable you to control access to your home remotely through an application on your phone. You send a virtual key to who ever you wish that is in possession of a supported smartphone, enabling them to access...

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