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The Science Of Security

Science of Security - Audio, video and door entry CCTV

We're all familiar with the phrase "I wish I had a camera back then" and mostly, this is said in a good way. Indeed there are many good moments, 'Kodak moments', in life but once every blue moon there may come a wholly different kind of occasion that requires documentation. The busiest, most frequented place in our home is the entry way, the door. We greet our loved ones there, we receive guests or deliveries – it is the threshold and the barrier between the public place and our private space. More importantly, the threshold of our home also signifies a different territory, legally. If any place in our home should be under surveillance, it would be our doorways, our mediums to the outside world – doors and...

Door Types And How To Secure Them

How to secure your door for all door types!

It may come as a surprise, but the most common entry point for burglars is the front door. So many front doors are inadequately protected from break-ins, although it doesn’t take much to make sure your door is up to the job it’s supposed to do.

Don’t forget to lock up

It might sound obvious, but you would be surprised how many burglaries occur by opportunist burglars that gain entry through a door that’s been left unlocked. Always make sure you lock up properly whenever you leave your home, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Are your locks up to the job?

One of the most important security measures you can make is to ensure that your front door lock is up to standard. If your door is over...

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