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Case Study: Fast Food Chain

To show that we can take on any job, no matter how big or small, we were called to this High Street fast food chain restaurant, which had an issue with one of their toilet doors.  Vandals had stripped the door of the handle and the indicator bolt, so the toilet was unusable for the patrons of the restaurant. We attended first time to check what parts are required as previous visits to this particular chain has shown us that they often require special parts to match the other fixtures fitted. After ordering and receiving the parts, they were dispatched to the engineer who attended the site and fitted the new handle and indicator bolt.  The restaurant manager was thrilled to have the toilet back up and running and more so, that the parts we fitted was...

Case Study: Securing Bin Store Rooms

Local Locksmith Case Study – Securing Bin Store Rooms, UB7

A client called to report that two of the bin store rooms in one of their blocks repeatedly get broken into. They have digi locks installed and the tenant is forcing it open as they just forget the code, or else homeless people are breaking in for somewhere sheltered to sleep at night time. My client did not want the lock changed to a key lock and wanted to stick with digi locks but asked us to come up with something to stop people breaking through the door. Our local locksmiths suggested installing some Anti-Jemmy Plates on both doors will help in securing bin store rooms. These would stop people being able to force the lock with a crowbar, stopping them from breaking in and damaging...