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Case Study: Transom Door Closer

An absolute nightmare of a job for many locksmiths!!! A regular client our company called to complain that one of their external office doors was not closing correctly. As we have been to this site before, we knew that the door awaiting us was a heavy aluminum framed, glass door. A local locksmith from Keys4U working on a transom door closer On inspection of the door our engineer quickly identified the issue was with door closer built into the aluminum door.  It was not providing enough force to completely close the door and keep it latched closed.   These units are notoriously difficult to access as they are usually riveted into the top corner of the door. A tricky transom door closer Our client told us...

Call an Emergency Locksmith in London if Your Business has a Break-In

No one wants to deal with a break-in, but if it happens, you need to be prepared to react quickly. Home break-ins can be tough to deal with, but business break-ins are even more so. In a business break in, instead of your personal items being at risk, it’s your very livelihood as well as that of anyone who works for you. This could mean that your business as a whole is in jeopardy which is something no one wants to face. An emergency locksmith in London is the best way to not only get your business premises secure again, but also to make it less likely that something like that ever happens again.  

Professionals on the Case

Locksmiths are experts at dealing with...