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Case Study: Unusual Door Lock Change

We attended a property for what we assumed was a normal lock change on the bottom lock of a client’s front door. On our first visit, the engineer quickly recognised that this was a not a simple door lock change. The lock that was installed is an old style claw lock that is really quite rare. In fact, many of our local engineers were not familiar with it! Our task was now to source the part to be able to quote the customer. After many calls and emails to various suppliers, we finally found the correct part. The only problem was that it was extremely expensive and also had a 5-6 week lead time! This would not work for our client, who manages properties across London. They asked us to come up with a different...

Solving the perfect crime – the first detective story ever

Can you solve the crime? The first detective story ever!

1. Think of an apartment high off the street, a room on the fourth floor. A double murder was committed here: Two females dead, a mother and her daughter. The mother flung from the window down to the street with her throat deeply cut, her daughter shoved up the rooms chimney with brute force! Now, the room's door is bolted from the inside, so how did the murderer escape? There are no adjoined buildings, no near windows or fire escapes. 2. You've read about the case in the papers. The police claim a bank clerk did it, a bank clerk who brought over some gold to the women's a day before. But even the police know it's sketchy, so, seeking help in solving the case, the police...