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Case Study – Block Management

As well as attending emergency lock outs and standard lock changes, our customers count on us to provide them with advice and recommendations for a particular need. An example of this would be a long standing block management company that we work with who have recently been complaining of continuing issues with their bin store. The residents were complaining that the door to the bin store kept getting left open meaning that rubbish and smells were constantly leaking out of the room.  This is despite the door already having a door closer installed.  Due to this being a communal bin store, regulations say that the door has to be able to open either with a generic key ie:  Fire Brigade key, or a code.  They ask for a suggestion of what...

Lock Repair and Replacement for Antique Doors

If you have an old home with antique doors, you know they have a lot of character. You might even find yourself in awe of the idea of how many people have walked through that door before you, and what sort of lives they may have lead. Keeping that history in mind, it’s worth find the right local locksmith to help you with a lock repair or replacement.

Should You Repair or Replace?

The first question to ask yourself is whether you’re looking at a lock replacement, or a lock repair. If your complaint is that your lock is sticking, or the doorknob feels loose, a repair may be the best choice in order to keep your original antique hardware. However, if your locks are heavily damaged, or your homeowner’s insurance has determined they’re not secure enough,...