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Steps for New Door Installation

Installing a new door is a simple and great way to upgrade your home. Whether you’re replacing an existing door, putting the finishing touch on an addition, or filling a previously empty doorway, you have a few decisions you have to make before you can start. With all the options for types of doors, types of locks, and even sizes, it can be a little overwhelming when you are trying to find what works best for your house and your budget. These key steps will get you on the right path for that new door installation and will make sure you get the job done quickly and correctly.  

Know Your Door

The first step to new door installation is knowing exactly which kind of door you need and...

Changing the Lock on a UPVC Door is not for the Faint of Heart

When it comes to changing locks, no one does it better than a locksmith. This is especially true when the locks that need to be changed are not your standard door lock. Some styles of doors, such as UPVC doors, require a little more work and a little more know-how to perform service on. Changing the lock on a UPVC door can be a gruelling task that can best be done only by a trained locksmith.

What Makes Changing the Lock on a UPVC Door So Tricky?

Most doors are generally equipped with simple cylinder locking mechanisms that are relatively straight-forward to replace if they are broken or worn down. It is just one key that must operate one single lock. UPVC doors on the other hand, are far more advanced in their locking mechanisms than...