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Case Study – KFC Gaps Under Fire Door

Gaps under fire doors minimises the effectiveness which defeats the object of having them in place, which is exactly why our client, KFC called us in to fix fire doors.

One of our regular clients called us with an issue related to the gap at the bottom of a fire exit door. Information received from the client was that there is a large gap at the bottom of the door and for health & safety reasons this gap had to be minimised. The main problem from our side was that it was an aluminium door so not the easiest door to work with. After a few conversations with the management team, we found out that a simple draft excluder brush would not be acceptable. Our engineer attended site to inspect the gap and take various measurements to...

Case Study: Fixing a lock filled with super glue

How to fix a lock filled with super glue

A tenant from a block in Mayfair called us to report the main entrance door of the flats had been vandalised. This was around 8 pm on a Friday night. We attended site promptly and the engineer found that someone had put glue in the lock and therefore keys were not able to open the door. Remember this is a Friday night and there are 9 flats in the block, some of them home for the evening, some of them have not come home from work yet. This is a block managed by a client of ours, which is not available outside of working hours. They trust that we will take over any security emergencies on their behalf. Unfortunately, glued locks is a very common act of vandalism. The...