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How to ensure fire precautions do not compromise your home security

Events a month ago at Grenfell Tower brought home the catastrophic consequences of buildings not being up to adequate fire safety requirements. Wherever you live or let a property, you must prioritise fire prevention and this can be done without compromising security. Measures taken to maximise safety from a fire should not compromise basic security requirements. Statistics published by the Association of British Insurers show that households who fit security devices are less likely to experience a burglary than those without. Burglars are less likely to commit an offence at a property that has taken appropriate steps on security. Ideally, in the case of an emergency, all entrances and exits to the home must be immediately accessible from the inside without the use of keys. Some commercial premises have a push bar or push pad accessible from...

5 Crazies Who Booby Trapped Their Home

Let's start off by stating the obvious: It is a very, very bad idea to booby trap your home. Not only booby traps are prone to malfunction but, statistically speaking, those who live in said house are at great risk of suffering injuries or plain death from them. Also worth mention is the fact that most jurisdictions look upon this practice as negligent and as the use of excessive force (meaning, people paid frigging damages to burglars who were injured by booby traps). Booby traps could never deter or detect perpetrators legally like a good security system would. With that said, here's our countdown of home booby traps gone wrong:

5. Ed and Elaine Brown - Explosive Tax dispute

By 2007, the Browns owed more than 500K in back taxes, which they did not pay for their...