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Five Tips For Better Home Security

As this day and age require every means we have to better our safety, we'd like now to offer you age-old methods to improve your domestic security. Note that these tips are not meant to replace a modern security and surveillance system. Nothing could replace that.

Here are some enhancements and home security tips for your home life's advantage:

  1. The All Seeing Eye: research has constantly shown that people behave themselves much better when they feel they are being monitored. Regardless of the fact whether you already own a security system, it's good to place eye symbols outside your door. Yes, a mere sticker above the door, around the hallway, will do.
  2. Spare key Placement: Never try and hide the key to your home around the entrance, hallway or garden. No matter how clever the spot you've...

The Science Of Security

Science of Security - Audio, video and door entry CCTV

We're all familiar with the phrase "I wish I had a camera back then" and mostly, this is said in a good way. Indeed there are many good moments, 'Kodak moments', in life but once every blue moon there may come a wholly different kind of occasion that requires documentation. The busiest, most frequented place in our home is the entry way, the door. We greet our loved ones there, we receive guests or deliveries – it is the threshold and the barrier between the public place and our private space. More importantly, the threshold of our home also signifies a different territory, legally. If any place in our home should be under surveillance, it would be our doorways, our mediums to the outside world – doors and...