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How much does it cost to change a lock?

At some point in time for one reason or another for most of us we will need a lock replacement on our house, flat or commercial premises. The first question that will cross most of our minds is how much does changing locks cost? What’s the damage going to be?

Like everything prices vary according to the brand, sturdiness and level of security the lock provides as well as the type of door you have. Locks can range in price from as little as £20 to as high as £389. Locks are like cars they all have the necessary functions, but you will pay more for a good quality product. A Toyota is not going to cost the same as a Rolls Royce, although they both do the same job.

Wooden doors and UPVC doors both require...

Keep your home secure this Christmas!

Secure your home this Christmas and make sure that Santa won’t be the only one making a surprise visit to your home this holiday season. With the lure of expensive gifts and gadgets present throughout many households in the UK combined with the fact that so many of us go away at this time of year, leaving many households empty and easy to target. Christmas is a very lucrative and opportune time for burglars to try their luck. However, there are a few precautionary measures that we can all take to beat the crooks at their own game. Don’t let yourself fall victim to a burglary this Christmas by following some of the following advice to secure your home and keep as safe as possible. 1. Try to keep valuables and gifts out of sight from potential...