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Guard Cam LED

If you’re looking for a security product for your home that combines a CCTV camera, security floodlight, DVR as well as an audio warning all in one neat device, this product could be just what you’re looking for.

The GuardCam LED Light detects intruders using PIR motion sensing technology. Once it detects that someone is on your premises, a security floodlight is activated along with a loud audio security warning, enough to startle even the most hardened of burglars. The audio function is completely optional and can be used in different combinations. The warnings notify intruders that they are trespassing and that they are being filmed. You also have the option to record your own personal message as well as have the sound of a dog barking. It’s also possible to set the length of time...

We now offer Roller Door Shutters!

We have a range of electric roller door shutters, security grilles and security bars available!

We now have roller door shutters available in any shape or size for all business types and to suit all security needs and budgets. As well as installation, we also offer roller door shutters repairs and maintenance. Also roller shutter door locks and garage doors. Our shutters are easy to operate and we also offer a complete after-sales support service to help you maintain and keep your shutters in tip top condition. Roller shutter doors offer the perfect solution for those seeking maximum protection for their home or business against burglary and vandalism. Our range of security roller shutters includes heavy duty industrial roller shutters as well as insulated roller shutters and fire resistant shutters. If you want the ultimate security for...