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CCTV also known as closed-circuit television is one of the most popular choices of security systems on the market today. Video cameras are used to monitor a specific place without you having to physically be there. None of us can be on guard 24/7 and this is where CCTV serves a very useful and effective purpose. Not only are they a huge deterrent for would be intruders, drastically reducing the risk of your property being broken into, but they give you hard evidence and a good chance of catching the offenders should you find yourself in the unfortunate position
of having your property broken into. CCTV helps reduce crime and keeps you, your family and those around you safe, as well as protecting your premises and the valuables inside them.

Stay connected, no matter where you are

CCTV cameras have come a long way since the days of the analog system. One of the biggest advantages today is that they give you the capability to monitor everything from the comfort of your mobile. It doesn’t matter where you’re at, you could be on the other side of the world; yet still be able to stay connected and see what’s going on at your property without having to even be there or next to your PC even. There are options to also integrate your CCTV system with your TV, tablet or your computer.

Only the highest quality cutting edge DVR solutions

Another advantage is that many models these days are wireless, making installation much easier and affordable for most of us. HD cameras generally deliver a very high quality and clear picture and many models offer the option to alert you should any movement be detected on your premises. There’s also much more choice allowing you to choose a package according to the size of your property, with options to purchase two camera systems for smaller premises and for larger premises four to eight camera systems. Whether you’re looking to secure your commercial or residential property, speak to us about what we have to offer. We offer full installation and the highest quality cutting edge DVR solutions on the market at prices that are difficult to beat. All of our products come with a six month warranty and a service check if required as well as an exceptional after sales service. We also offer a CCTV maintenance plan; speak to one of the representatives for more information.

Here are just a couple of the deals we have on offer:

Evo Indoor HD Wi-Fi Security Camera – £129.99 was £199
Day/Night Mini Outdoor Camera Kit – £290 was £425

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