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CCTV Ultimate Do’s and Don’ts

There are two main “breeds” of home video surveillance, the openly visible and the hidden.
Use them wisely to protect, document and monitor all that needs to be, but remember to
take account of… external circumstance. Here’s our take on this:

1. Why are people offended when they find out they’ve been monitored..?

2. We know you need to know, but do you really?

3. It’s tempting to use footage for off-duty fun…

4. Monitor your own and leave the neighbors be.

5. On every entrance, every window, every size and shape.

6. And keep them cables covered.

7. We love modern art but CCTV should be Hi-Res.

8. Street fashion is also nice but cameras should be where we can SEE

9. You just can’t trust these guys to come on a bright sunny day, can you?

10. DIY: Please don’t

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