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Magnetic Door Lock Installation by a Local Locksmith

Magnetic Door Lock Installation

Magnetic door locks also well known as mag locks work exactly as the title implies and are based on the science of electromagnetism. These locks are opened and secured using magnetic force and are so powerful that they provide sufficient strength to keep the door locked. Solenoids are used to either increase or decrease the strength of the magnetic force and to help us understand how powerful the locks are, they are rated according to how many pounds they can withstand, i.e. a 1,200 pounds mag lock can withstand 1,200 pounds of force. Magnetic door lock installation is a smart choice for situations where a traditional key is either not secure enough, or inconvenient. They’re increasingly popular for building entrances.

How Do Magnetic Door Locks Work?

A magnetic lock is made up of an electromagnet which is mounted inside of the door opening and an armature plate which can be found on the face of the door. The magnet is connected to an electric source which produces a strong magnetic attraction between the plate and the magnet which is powerful enough to lock the door. The lock is operated using the electrical system of the building or a battery pack. Once the power goes out the lock will not work and will remain unlocked which is an important safety aspect during the event of an emergency.

The biggest selling point for magnetic door lock installation is that unlike traditional lock cylinders, mag locks cannot be tampered with. They are usually operated via a buzzer or a keypad system where a code needs to be punched. Card readers are also commonly used in commercial settings such as in hotels where there are large numbers of people going in and out. They have the added convenience of being easy to cancel out should access no longer be authorised. In more high-security settings, scanners that read fingerprints or facial features to authorise entry are the popular choice.

Magnetic lock installation is best left to a professional locksmith. These are complicated devices, and it’s important to be sure they’ve been installed properly to ensure the security of your home or business. We install a variety of mag locks. If you’d like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have expert locksmiths in London who would be happy to help you choose the correct mag lock for your needs.