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Key Holding

Key holding – Maximum property protection

Key holding is a big responsibility, and one we take very seriously indeed. All the people we employ are chosen with care, properly trained, vetted in detail and screened carefully to make sure they are 100% trustworthy. As you’d expect, we treat our industry’s regulations and accreditations with the greatest respect.

Our key holding services

We can manage all your keyholder responsibilities for you, delivering peace of mind as well as an affordable solution to what can be a tricky issue. With our highly experienced team on your side, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your premises are totally secure and, more importantly, your people are safe and secure too.

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You could make staff members into keyholders, but it’s a huge responsibility and can eat...

CCTV systems

The very best in CCTV security

CCTV also known as closed-circuit television is one of the most popular choices of security systems on the market today. Video cameras are used to monitor a specific place without you having to physically be there. None of us can be on guard 24/7 and this is where CCTV serves a very useful and effective purpose. Not only are they a huge deterrent for would be intruders, drastically reducing the risk of your property being broken into, but they give you hard evidence and a good chance of catching the offenders should you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having your property broken into. CCTV helps reduce crime and keeps you, your family and those around you safe, as well as protecting your premises and the valuables inside them.

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