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CityLine home safe

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Product attributes

  • Size: 278 x 402 x 376mm | 528 x 435 x 382mm
  • Locking Options: Key | Electronic combination | Fingerscan+Electronic combination

Product Description

The CityLine range of home safes offer a good balance of performance and value.High quality certified locking options and fire resistance make it the ideal solution for home users looking for a safe with enhanced security and protection of their cash and valuables.

Insurance rating
• £2,000 cash rating
• £20,000 valuables
Certified Security
• ECB.S certified class B (EN 1300)
• VDMA security level B (VDMA 24992)
• Fire resistance to DIN 4102-A1
German engineering
• Double walled construction
• Fire resistant insulation and specially designed fire fold
• Hidden internal hinge
• Prepared for wall or floor fixing
Standard features
• Colour: Light grey