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Hotel Safe Point safe P3

Hotel safes- Point safe

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Product attributes

  • Size: 180 x 280 x 200mm | 320 x 442 x 350mm | 200 x 445 x 380mm
  • Locking Options: Electronic combination | Fingerscan and Electronic combination

Product Description

The PointSafe range offers fantastic value with advanced fingerscan technology,
programmable user codes and motor driven locking systems on E and E FS models.
Designed with enhanced protection from attack, PointSafe offers a good level of
security and performance. The comprehensive range includes freestanding and
wall safes for both domestic and hotel use.
Insurance rating
• £1,000 cash rating
• £10,000 valuables
Comprehensive Range
The PointSafe range offers safes for all installation
and user requirements, including:
• Freestanding
• Laptop Safes
• In-built wall safes
• Keyed a-like Hotel Safes
German engineering
• In-house laboratory tested security
• 7mm double walled door with drill protection
• Locking bolts protected with plate reinforcement
• Large 22mm diameter locking bolts
• Freestanding or built-in wall safe options
• Freestanding safes prepared for wall or floor fixing
Standard features
• Colour: Black
• Internal shelf supplied with P3 & P4 safe models