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Indoor HD Wi-Fi Security Camera


Indoor HD Wi-Fi Security Camera
    • Indoor HD Security Camera System (Wi-Fi or Wired)
    • FREE rolling 7 day cloud storage
    • Safe and Secure
    • Quick & Easy set up
    • Relevant Notifications
    • Access on the go
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Product Description

To set up your Y-cam you will need

Computer Computer

Running Windows 7 or later / Mac running OS X
(only needed for initial setup & to download video clips)

Internet Browser Internet Browser

Up to date – running the latest Flash Player or HTML 5

Network Port Network Port

Available Network Port on your Main Router
(only needed for initial setup or if Wi-Fi unavailable)

Upload Speed Upload Speed

Minimum upload speed of 0.5 Mbps per camera

Wi-Fi Wi-Fi

Wireless Network with WPA or WPA2 Security running on 2.4 GHz frequency