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Maxam Glass Repair Film

Maxam Glass Repair Film

Maxam Glass Repair Roll available in 3 metre or 15 metre rolls

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Product Description

Maxam Glass Repair Roll available in 3 metre or 15 metre rolls

  • Makes almost invisible repairs on broken glass
  • 3 metre or 15 metre rolls
  • 1 metre in height
  • Glass repair film combining durable polyester film and a unique powerful adhesive
  • Applied instantly, resolving health and safety issues, saving time and valuable resources
  • Relied on day and night for emergency glass repair by many different sectors throughout the UK and Europe, instead of the old method of boarding up, which is costly, often damages frames and looks unsightly
  • Awarded BS EN12600 Class 1B1 and highest security impact testing and for top security against intruders and total peace of mind until re-glazing takes place
  • Puts safety first, eradicating the hazard of broken glass
  • Makes substantial cost savings with no callout charges
  • Completely resistant to wind and rain, preventing heat loss or damp
  • Replaces unsightly boards, vastly improving appearance
  • Does not reduce natural daylight
  • Makes almost invisible repairs,deterring further vandalism
  • Extremely secure with a 3rd of the tensile strength of steel
  • Makes reglazing effortless,damaged panes come out in one piece
  • A silent, non-disruptive application
  • Saves valuable time, allowing you to get on with other tasks
  • Boxed