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Outside In Extreme Letter Box Tool Kit

Outside In Extreme Letter Box Tool Kit

The most advanced Letterbox Tool on the market


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Product Description

The most advanced Letterbox Tool on the market


  • Contains the following attachments
  • The Snibbler – Dual purpose tool which may be used to pull door handles down,pull nightlatch levers and knobs ,and lift and drop snibs
  • The Claw – Highly versitile and lightweight tool which is the most effective method of pulling handles on non deadlocked Ingersoll nightlatches,opening traditional door bolts of all sizes,unfastening door chains,hooking keys etc
  • The Kingfisher – the king of key-fishing attachments. Thanks to the unique ‘key-trap’, once the key is hooked it’s not going anywhere,once the keys have been fished and assuming the correct angle can be achieved then bunches of keys may be trapped along the wire preventing them from being dropped easily, the trap may also be used very effectively to manipulate door
    bolts by pushing and pulling the bolt head using the trap and retracting the bolt
  • The Gripstick – The tool of choice for deaking with large circular thumbturn cylinders such as those manufactured by ISEO and GEGE,opened in seconds(no more stuck wires)
  • The Visi Clamp – Designed to be an easy solution to holding the letterbox open and have a mirror positioned correctly for letterbox tool operation,can be positioned in seconds with superfast auto clamping
  • The Rattler – registered design loop designed to bypass security letterbox plates.The ultimate in comfort and control
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  • Unique ‘SureLock’ quick and secure metal connection system
  • No annoying flex even when under stress
  • May be pulled or pushed without bending or separating
  • Superior strength – metal connectors
  • Easily and quickly extendable by increments to over 190cm/6ft with minimal flex,may also be extended ‘on the fly’ by around 32mm per joint                
  • Lightweight and managable yet strong and sturdy
  • Low level letterboxes present no problem with locks being easily within reach
  • Supplied with a kit bag