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Outside In Rattler Letter Box Tool

Outside In Rattler Letter Box Tool

Rattler Letter Box Tools


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Rattler Letter Box Tools


  • Security Letterbox Plates are on the increase! Primarily designed to
    prevent ‘key fishing’and access to thumbturns, they can also make the
    Locksmiths job of using a letterbox tool a nightmare, as the standard
    letterbox tool will not circumvent the Plate.

    Enter ‘The Rattler’! A unique, new letterbox tool handle, featuring it’s Registered
    Design ‘Loop’ which makes bypassing Plates possible. ‘The Rattler’ is
    compatible with the standard letterbox tool, and is a great companion
    for our Best-Selling ‘SideWinder’ tool.

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  • The Ultimate in Letterbox Tool. Control, Comfort, Manoeuvrability, Strength & Accuracy!

    ‘The Rattler’ is aimed at Locksmiths and entry specialists who require speed, even when security is high. It is in its element when dealing with narrow, security letterboxes, and small, restricted ones often found on cottages, where room is limited. Once through the letterbox, the main section of ‘The Rattler’ takes up approximately 14mm! The handle grip brings letterbox tool use to a new level, with its superior-grip enables comfort and thus greater control. The body section is coated with a protective exterior, which eliminates damage to the letterbox, or door. The grip may also be butted up against the letterbox, to aid manoeuvrability. It is features such as these, that have made ‘The Rattler’ the first choice for letterbox tool handles amongst top warrant Locksmiths using it today. Once you have used ‘The Rattler’, you will never use the standard letterbox tool handle again! 

  • The handle grip for ‘The Rattler’ was deliberately never fixed in place for
    several reasons. Firstly, it allows it to be replaced in the event of it
    wearing out over time, and secondly, it can be turned to the most comfortable
    position for the user, so the finger depressions can be positioned for comfort,
    depending on the handing on the door, and of the Locksmith who could be either
    left, or right-handed.  the grip does move, but once gripped tightly during use (as you would do), it doesn’t present any problems or affect the useage of it

  • Supplied in plastic sleeve