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A Day in the Life of a 24 Hour Locksmith

Locksmiths are highly trained professionals who dedicate their lives to making you feel safe. While you may only call them when you get locked out of your home or car, they do so much more. Oftentimes they are on call all day in case an emergency situation arises. While their daily schedule may only consist of routine lock outs, they provide many other services. If you sat down with an experienced 24 hour locksmith and asked him about his day, it would sound a lot like this.

7 AM

This is the start of the day and he got a call around half 7 from a frantic young man who had misplaced his keys and needed to get to work for an important presentation. The locksmith arrived in a timely fashion, as he prides himself on 30 minutes or less arrival time. The car door was opened quickly, only for the young man to realize that he had locked his keys in the car. Either way, he thanked the locksmith for his quick arrival which allowed him to just make it to work on time.

10 AM

After the lock-out he had to get to his first appointment of the day. This was a lock change for an elderly woman who had heard on the telly that there had been an increase of crime in her neighbourhood. Her grandson had urged her to call the locksmith he had found by googling ‘locksmith Reading’. The locksmith happily updated her locks to the newest models for added security. While he was there he also suggested that she install a security system, should she want to feel even more protected. She thanked him for the suggestion and promised to ring him back with her answer.

4 PM

After the consult with the elderly woman he handled some administrative duties until his next call. It was another lock-out, this time from a frantic mom who had locked her keys in the car. Thankfully, once again, he was able to arrive in a timely manner which helped to calm the mother. He helped her out and she was able to get to her sons’ soccer match in time.

1 AM

The official work day ended without major incidents, but at one in the morning a call came in for an emergency. A young couple came home to find their house had been broken into. Once again, he was quick to arrive and assess the situation. He assured them that he would fix the damage done to their door and fix the lock. After that was done and he saw that the young couple was feeling a lot better, he explained that he also does security consultations and they made an appointment straight away to make some updates. They told him that they were extremely grateful that a 24 hour locksmith like himself are available.

Just Another Day

Emergency locksmiths are an essential to any community. While their day-to-day may consist of lock outs and routine lock changes, their skills are sought after to allow people to feel the most secure. They are able to install security systems, provide emergency services and assist after a break in. Another, often forgotten, part of their job is reassuring clients after they are shaken by an event that would require an emergency locksmith. They provide comfort just by providing security measures.

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