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You might think that replacing a garage door lock is something you can easily do for yourself. You probably could do it, but it’s not straightforward. 

To do it you have to know your door’s make and the model and size of your door lock in order to buy the right replacement. 

If there is a spindle, you need to know the spindle’s shape, and you need to order the right length, or you will have to cut the new one to size, 

You need to know the distance between the fixing centres and the spigot length of your lock.

If the key doesn’t work and the door is locked shut, you have a whole new set of problems.

Why not save yourself the time and hassle and ask us to replace your garage door lock for you? We change locks every day of the week, and we can replace your lock quickly and professionally at a competitive price. We won’t even charge for the callout.

An excellent service 

Whatever type of garage door you have we can fit a replacement lock for it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a roller door, up and over canopy, up and over retractable, or even a custom made door. We replace locks for Garador doors, Henderson, Marley, Cardale, Birtley and many more.

Our trained locksmiths have tackled every type of lock on every kind of garage door, so you can be sure there is no problem they can’t overcome. 

We can even repair your old garage door or replace it with a new one if you want!


The quality of our service to our customers is always the most important consideration. With this in mind, we provide a six-month guarantee on all our work and products. We also have an excellent after-sales service, so if you have a problem, just contact us.

Your garage door as a way into your home

It makes sense to take the security of your garage door seriously. Burglars often target garage doors, not only for the garage’s contents but also as a means of gaining entry to your house. Thieves are very savvy about the opportunities presented by old garage doors with dents or ones that don’t fit the door frame properly. If you have a connecting door from the house to the garage, this is a weak spot in your security because these doors often don’t have the most secure locks. Once they gain entry to the garage, burglars have a place where they can work on the connecting door unobserved.

Our inspection and maintenance service

As part of our service, we can also do an inspection and maintenance visit. If your garage door is more than ten years old, it is time to make sure it is still fit for purpose. Common problems we encounter include rollers which need lubrication or replacement, loose fitments, damage to the cables or pulleys, and springs that are too worn to work properly. If you have an automatic system for opening and closing your garage door, you might find that the auto-reverse or auto-stop facility isn’t working correctly, or that the motor is burned out. Perhaps the remote control is faulty, or there are window panes in the garage door that need replacement.  

Making your garage more secure

We are always pleased to advise on enhancing your garage door’s protection and increasing the security of connecting doors to your home. Thieves have several ways of opening your garage door, including drilling or cutting out the lock and using a crowbar on the top or sides of the door to gain access to the locking mechanism. We can fit extra security for your garage door such as door bolts, adding a bar and base plate, or installing alarm sensors on the door or inside the garage. We can also fit CCTV cameras or IP cameras as stand-alone security items or as part of a smart home security package.

Please contact us and let us know how we can help. Whether it is a regular service for your garage door, a replacement lock, enhanced security or a completely new door, we are always available 24/7 for a free quote and callout.

Tel 033 330 52993

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Frequently asked questions

Can you convert my garage door to automatic?

Yes, this is something we can easily do if you have electricity running to your garage. If your garage door is less than two years old, there will probably already be a built-in facility for conversion. Older doors may be a problem depending on make and model. It will also be problematic if they are damaged or don’t already fit correctly, or if the spring mechanism does not balance the door properly.

How often should I service my garage door?

We recommend that you service your garage door annually to prevent more costly solutions in the long term. Keys4u locksmith can provide an inspection and regular service for your garage door should you require it.

What are the best security features for a garage door?

Ideally, your garage door should be steel, and double-skinned is better than a single skin. A Secured by Design Police Preferred Specification means that the door meets a required police accreditation security standard. It is also better to have more than one locking point to make things harder for any potential thief, and a Euro profile cylinder lock will not be able to be drilled out.

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