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Has the lock on your PVCu or composite door failed?

If one of your PVCu or composite doors isn’t locking, you feel very vulnerable. Odds on it is an essential external door, either front door, back door or patio door. You need to get it fixed in a hurry - and this is where Keys4u come in.

Swift lock replacement

We have been helping people with their security issues for over nine years, and have local locksmiths in the cities and most of the major towns of England. We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Give us a call, and your local Keys4u locksmith can be there in 30 minutes to save the day! 

Typical problems

You may have noticed one of the following problems:

The key will not turn in the lock.

The handle feels loose.

The handle will not engage the lock when pulled up.

You have to use a lot of force to pull the handle up to engage the lock.

If one of these things is happening, you need to call in a locksmith.

There may be several reasons why these things are happening; the door may have dropped so that the locking devices do not align with the frame, a drooping handle may indicate that the lock has become worn, and a key not turning may suggest that the lock has jammed.

The multi-point lock

The lock on your PVCu or composite door is called a multi-point lock. Multi-points are the most popular and most common type of lock on these kinds of doors. The multi-point lock is very secure and difficult for burglars to break into because it has several locking points along the length of the door, and is more secure than a single locking point. 

The typical multi-point lock has a latch/deadbolt in the middle of the door, and pins, hook bolts, mushroom cams or roller cams above and below it. When you pull the handle up, a gearbox engages all these devices with the bolt holes in the striking plate on the door frame. The handle of your multi-point lock will operate the locking system in one of several different ways, depending on whether it is a split spindle or a solid spindle. With a solid spindle, you can open the unlocked door just by pushing the handle down from inside or outside. With a split spindle, you will need a key to open it from the outside even when unlocked. There is another system in which you don’t use the handle at all, but just turn the key a number of times.

 There are several different makes of lock, and these all have different distances between elements of the lock and various ways the handle works. So to identify the right replacement lock, you have to know the make and the measurements for that specific lock. 

We can take all the hard work of this out for you because we stock a large selection of this type of lock and can quickly identify the correct replacement lock which will work for your door and then do the replacement for you.

Reliable and expert service

All our locksmiths are trained to the highest standards, have years of experience in replacing multi-locks and are DBS checked for your security. You can be sure of excellent service as testified by our reviews; indeed a lot of our clients use us because of personal recommendation. You can be sure that we will undertake your lock replacement work quickly and efficiently. We have a competitive pricing structure, and we will not charge you for a callout. 


We provide a six-month guarantee on all our products and a service check if required. We also offer exceptional after-sales service. If you have a problem after the warranty has run out, you can always talk to us. 

For advice and installation of all types of door locks, please contact Keys4u locksmith.

Tel 033 330 52993

Email[email protected]

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Is there a standard for multi-point locks?

Yes. The standard for multi-point locks is PAS 3621 which is equivalent to the British Standard BS3621.

How secure are multi-point locks?

Due to the number of different locking points a multi-point lock, if fitted correctly, is much more secure than a single mortice lock or deadbolt.

Will a multi-point lock help with my home insurance?

The home insurance industry has a multi-point locking system on its approved list of locks. They recognized this type of lock as offering a high level of security to residential properties. Therefore you are likely to have a wider choice of insurance offers and lower premiums for your home and contents insurance. If you want the best deals, make sure that the cylinder of the lock on your main external door is SS321 Diamond Approved.

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