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Using Remote Door Entry Systems for Security and Convenience

Door Entry Systems Solutions

GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) Door Entry Systems are an excellent solution for any property where it is not possible for a hard wired door entry system to be installed. Telephone technology is used instead and is extremely useful in any instance where the distance between a gated entrance and its main building is too great for other systems to be effective. This technology can empower you to control access remotely, and more effectively monitor your property from any distance. Our door entry systems solution can also work with your current security system in order to control access and provide additional monitoring.

How GSM Door Entry Systems Work

GSM door entry systems use a SIM card telephone number and service provider, which enables the system to connect with any designated telephone. For example, if there is an alarm system in the house with a GSM door entry system, once an intruder breaks into the property the alarm system will be triggered to automatically send a call to either the customer or the police, depending on where the GSM is forwarded to. You can program your door entry system to call the number of your choice in case of any alerts. GSM door entry systems are also extremely popular the world over and enable entry into an apartment complex or property via your mobile phone or landline. Simply by pressing the keys on your phone when called, you can open doors and gates remotely and allow entry to visitors at the touch of a button.

Convenience and Security Rolled Into One

Let us customize the features and options that are best for you! GSM door entry systems can be programmed to call multiple telephone numbers, in order to maximize someone being available to answer. We can also install systems that utilize text messaging to fulfill the same function. You can also have the system pre-programmed to allow designated telephone numbers automated entry when calling the intercom. For example, a family member who forgot their keys can have easy, immediate access with just one quick call!

Installation of a GSM Door Entry System

Our professional door entry system installation technicians can help you assess whether or not a GSM door entry system is suited for your property! All of our systems are extremely high quality, designed to be weather-proof and vandal-proof for the utmost reliability. We offer free consultations at no cost or obligation to you. Just give us a call today, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about how a GSM door entry can help you secure your property!

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