Request a Household or Commercial Security Survey

You can count on one of our experts to ensure that you are getting the most out of your household or commercial security with a security survey.

If you're not sure whether your locks are up to date with your current insurance policy, our locksmiths can check whether they are approved or not as well as checking whether they are suitable for your needs. Our locksmiths can offer expert advice to make sure that your property is as burglar proof and secure as it can possibly be.

What do locksmiths check for in a security survey?

The purpose of a security survey is to check whether your locks meet the British standard requirements and whether they're covered by your home insurance provider. We also check any windows on the ground floor of the premises to see if they're adequately secured to help prevent any attempted burglaries on your home.

What are some possible outcomes of a security survey?

Our locksmiths may recommend some improvements that might need to be made in order to be covered by your insurance providers and to be at a satisfactory security level. This could be anything from investing in a strong shed lock or garage lock, purchasing and installing an alarm and/or CCTV system and more.

Locksmiths that you can trust and rely on.

Any product that you purchase from us comes with a six-month warranty and a service check if required as well as an exceptional after sales service. If you're looking to find the closest locksmith near you that offers an honest security survey then you've found it. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a security survey quote and for further information for your home or office security.