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Need your door lock changed?

Being burgled is a horrible experience; not only have you lost your possessions, but you have probably been left with a mess to clean up and also have the feeling that someone has violated your home.

Ever since we’ve had houses, we have wanted to be able to lock our doors to keep ourselves and our possessions safe. Commercial properties too are a prime target for burglars since thieves know that there will be goods, and perhaps money, as a reward for their efforts. Doors and windows are the obvious way into your property, so they have to have the appropriate locks to make life as difficult as possible for the intruder. 

Also, insurance companies have requirements for types of door lock to be used. You don’t want to be in the scenario of having lost your property and then find that your insurance is invalid!

In 2019/20 there were 356,017 burglaries in England and Wales - more than 975 properties ransacked every day. If you don’t want to become a statistic, you have to make sure that you are aware of the dangers and have taken active measures to protect yourself and you home. See our security tips for help in protecting your home.

Keys4u have more than nine years of experience in making life difficult for burglars. With local locksmiths in the cities and most of the major towns in England, you can be sure to find a knowledgeable and reliable Keys4u locksmith who will give you help and advice and fit the right locks for you.

Speedy lock replacement 

You can’t leave your door without a proper lock, so a Keys4u locksmith could be arriving at your property within 30 minutes to make you safe and secure. We are available round the clock every day to give you the help you need at an affordable price.

We won’t even charge you for the callout!

Any type of door lock replaced

We will replace any lock on any kind of door. We can supply and install locks for your wooden, PVCu, composite or metal door. So if you require a replacement lock or a security upgrade, our friendly locksmiths can help.

Common locks explained

Here are some of the most common locks, and a brief description of them. Keys4u locksmith will supply and fit any of the security devices mentioned below, plus many more.

Locks for Wooden Doors

Wooden doors are the most adaptable because you can fit several different types of lock to them. 

The typical locks you will find for wooden doors are night latches and five-lever mortice deadlocks. 

Night latch or rim automatic deadlatch. The night latch fits on the inside of the door, and the cylinder, where you insert the key, is outside. The retractable latch catches on the strike plate in the doorjamb. On its own, a night latch is not as secure as a mortice lock; it merely ensures that the door is shut tight, but can be used in conjunction with another lock for security. Safer is the rim automatic deadlatch with a cylinder fitted into the handle to lock it. A Yale is a night latch lock.

Mortice locks. These are locks which fit into the thickness of the door. Mortice locks are so named because the lock fits into a slot cut into the edge of the door like a mortise and tenon joint. A mortice deadlock has a bolt which locks into the frame of the door, and a sash lock is a mortice lock with a bolt and latch.

3 and 5 lever mortice locks. The levers refer to the number of levers inside the lock used to work the mechanism. A 5 lever is more secure than a 3 lever because it is more challenging to pick. Chose one which is BS3621.

Locks for PVCu, composite and aluminium doors

Multi-point locking system. This type of lock has 3,4 or 5 bolts which shoot into the door frame. It opens by a Euro cylinder lock fitted onto the face of the door. You can also use some multi-point locks on a wooden door. The cylinder should be TS0073, or SS312 Diamond Approved. 

A trusted and professional service

With our local network, you can be sure that there will be a Keys4u locksmith within easy reach. Our locksmiths are all DBS checked and trained to the highest professional standards. They also receive regular updates on the latest in lock technology. Our locksmiths consistently provide excellent outcomes for our customers, which is why we get a lot of business from personal recommendation.


We give a six-month guarantee on all our products and a service check if required. We also provide exceptional after-sales service. If you have a problem after the warranty has run out - let us know. 

For advice and installation of all types of door locks, please contact Keys4u locksmith.

Tel 033 330 52993

Email [email protected]

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Frequently asked questions

What are the best locks to get?

The answer to this question depends on the type of door you have and where it is in the building. Generally speaking, however, for any kind of door you have, it is better to have a lock which engages at more than just one point. It is best to have a British Standard BS3621 lock for your wooden door; that way you know it has been tested to an approved standard for thief-resistance. For PVCu, composite or metal doors you need a TS0073, or SS312 Diamond Approved lock.

What type of lock do insurers want?

There is no general ‘insurance recommended’ lock. You have to look at your policy schedule and make sure you have the specified locks. Your insurer will probably want to know what locks you have before issuing a certificate of insurance. There are locks you could consider to be standard external door locks. These are a five-lever mortice deadlock, ideally conforming to BS3621, a multi-point locking system for your PVCu or composite door or a rim automatic deadlatch with key-locking handle. 

What are single cylinder and double cylinder locks?

A single-cylinder lock only has an outer keyhole, with a thumb knob for unlocking on the inside. A double cylinder lock has outer and inner keyholes and no thumb knob. The double cylinder lock is safer if the door has a glass panel because a burglar could break the glass and turn the inside thumb knob.

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