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Doors repair - Putting security first

Your front door is the gateway to your home and creates an important first impression. With it being the first place that you see upon entering your household, it’s important that you feel happy with the way it looks and functions. If you’re looking to improve the way your exterior or interior doors looks, you’d like a replacement or you need a house door repair, our professionals can help.

Door installation - Local locksmiths you can trust

A brand new front door or interior doors can really add a lot to the way your home looks. We will help you every step of the way with the installation process. From discussing the style and type of material that will suit your needs long term, to supplying the door at competitive prices (unless you choose to provide your own) and last but not least the installation.

When you have your initial consultation with our professional door installer, they will be able to advise you how to get the best out of energy saving, keeping your property secure and choosing a door that is durable and long lasting as well as the differences between the different type of doors and how they each function. We supply fire safe, wooden and PVC doors.

Door repair - Making your security our priority

We take your security seriously and since burglars will use your front door as a first point of entry; it's important to get it right. First and foremost make sure your exterior doors are not hollow and easy to kick in.

Exterior doors should be solid and made from fibreglass, solid wood, solid wood core or metal (as long as it's reinforced inside and cannot be bent out of its frame). Ensure that your front door has a deadlock mortice as well as a cylinder lock, since a cylinder lock on its own makes your home an easy target in the eyes of a burglar.

If you're choosing a new door windowless doors are the preferred option when it comes to securing your home. If you do have your heart set on a door that has a window or your existing door has a window, you'll need to take a few extra security measures such as choosing reinforced glass.

You can easily enhance the security to your front door with a few small additions. Our expert locksmith can talk you through the following:

Open doors - Fast access via our professional locksmiths

If you're locked out of your property and need to get back in fast, our professional locksmiths operate 24/7, 365 days of the year and from the time you call us they will be doing their best to get to you pronto. Our 30 minute response time means you won't be left hanging around unnecessarily. Our locksmiths are reliable, courteous and highly trained to access properties with ease and in a non destructive manner.

Boarding up

If your property is damaged due to burglary, vandalism, weather damage or an accident and you need your property boarded up temporarily until you're able to get the windows fully repaired; we offer a 24 hour emergency boarding up service. Whether your property is residential or commercial we can have your premises secured immediately using the highest quality plywood, preventing further damage to your business or property. We can also repair or replace the locks at the same time if needed. We offer a 30 minute response time and our mobile locksmith's vans come fully equipped.

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