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Door Repair on Your Doorstep

Looking for a local door repair service? We are experts in all types of door repair and door replacement for domestic or commercial properties.

If your door is not fitting properly or your lock is not working as it should, we are the people who can fix it. If your door is damaged beyond repair we offer a same-day door replacement.

We also provide emergency burglary repairs

All kinds of doors

It doesn’t matter what your door is made of. We repair a variety of door types, including internal and external:

It doesn’t matter what kind of door:

A call to us will get it sorted.

Solving door problems

Your doors are in constant use and subject to a lot of wear and tear. Minor irritations that are just annoying at the moment may develop into larger issues. It is always best to be proactive and solve that door nuisance before it becomes a major problem. A problem door gives opportunities to burglars!

If you just need minor repairs, replacement of door fitments or parts of your door frame we can do that for you. You may find that your door is draughty, sticks, rattles, always swings open or closed, sags or that the latch doesn’t engage properly. We can fix any problems with your door jambs, hinges or any other parts of your door or door frame.

Qualified and professional locksmiths

All Keys4u locksmiths are qualified, highly professional, reliable and DBS-checked.

With no call out charges, Keys4u technicians are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, and promise to be with you within 30 minutes of your call.

Our six-month guarantee

For your peace of mind, all our products and services come with a six-month guarantee. We also provide free advice for all our products along with a free site security survey.

For advice on all types of door repair please contact Keys4u locksmith.

Tel: 033 330 52993

Email: [email protected]

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Do you repair any type of garage door?

Yes, we do.

Can you make my home secure after a burglary?

We can replace doors and locks to make your home safe and offer free advice about how to make your home more secure.

Will you give me an estimate when I ring?

We can certainly give you a rough estimate based on your description of what you need over the phone, but we would need to see the door to be able to give an accurate estimate of price.

Get Fast Emergency

Call Our Emergency Locksmith London team now for a free quote, consultation and advice

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