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Police And Experts Advise On How To Deter Burglars From Your Home

Believe it or not, according to a report on the website, homes with simple security systems in place are five times less likely to be broken into by thieves. The right locks are among the most important choices to make when securing your home, and expert locksmiths in Birmingham can help you pick out the right security system as well. When looking for Birmingham locksmiths, you should make sure that they’re reputable and have the proper identifications for your increased security and protection.

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Police say that a home is only as secure as its weakest point of entry. For this reason, they advise having double security in the house. Using modern multi-locking uPVC doors with a system of hooks and latches will also increase security.

Controlling access to the home begins with keeping doors and windows locked and secured. When securing doors, homeowners must start with the door itself, according to police. Thieves and intruders will usually get a hint of how well-secured a house is when they look at the door. A door that looks well-secured will make burglars think twice about breaking in.

Houses with sliding patio doors are often susceptible to burglaries. Experts recommend having an anti-lift device on them to keep them from being pried open. Police also recommend that a spy hole and security chains be installed so that the homeowners can see who is at their door before opening it.

Door bars will reinforce the doorframe and provide extra protection against intruders who are trying to kick the door open. For added protection, police recommend a lock guard for doors and installing domestic CCTV systems.

Police recommend that homeowners improve the visibility of their homes because it will otherwise be easy for burglars to hide from the neighbours and passers-by. Such houses are prone to break-ins because these are potential hiding places. For instance, high walls and overgrown trees impede visibility, which is why burglars can go unnoticed when stealing from the property.

Police say that lower fences at the front of the houses will allow for a clear view of who is in front and will not provide any cover for anyone who wants to hide. At the back of the house, taller fences are recommended so that no one can easily access them.

If a homeowner wants plants, thorny plants are recommended. Barbed shrubs and prickly plants act as a natural barrier for homes. Trellis and other anti-climb toppings like plastic spikes can deter any thief’s plans of going over the wall or fence. Putting gravel on the driveway will also ensure that homeowners will hear anyone approaching their homes or who is on the property.

Homeowners should also be aware that burglars use different methods to scout out a home. They can pretend to be a representative of a care agency or looking to leave a note for a neighbour. Police say that if homeowners are in doubt, keep them out.

Experts say that homeowners should secure their doors and windows. It is crucial to pick the strongest door lock, and windows should be closed and locked with a decent system.

Homeowners should also look at the condition of the door. Any rotting door frame is a sign for burglars that they can easily access the house. Either repair or replace old door frames to increase security in your house.

Another thing that homeowners should look into is their letterboxes. Experts encourage the fitting of guards inside the letterboxes to prevent anyone from searching through them.

One type of lock to be considered is a mortice lock. Locksmiths in Birmingham recommend this as an extra security measure because these are attached to the surface and only become visible when the door is open. A burglar will have a hard time accessing these since they do not have a view of where it is installed.

Mortice locks come in two types, a sash lock and a deadlock. Sash locks combine a mortice lock and a door hand. Homeowners can open and close the door without using a key when they are at home. It has three levers and is considered to be a mid-level security lock. It is ideal for internal doors. There is also an option for a five-lever sash lock which has higher security and can be used on the exterior doors.

A mortice deadlock is something that can be locked from the inside and the outside. Most front doors use this type, and it can be used in conjunction with a night latch. Night latches are usually used inside the door and are usually at shoulder height. These usually automatically lock when doors close.

New technologies for digital and smart locks have also been welcomed and are recommended by experts. Digital locks are devices that use keypads and are accessible using a code. Shared homes and apartments can benefit from this type of lock. Some digital locks offer different codes for different users for better security.

Smart locks are ones that use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, allowing homeowners to connect them to smartphones. These locks are notable for having more features than just securing homes. For example, some smart locks can give temporary virtual keys to friends or family members. Users can also customise the time of day when shared keys can be used.

Reliable Locksmiths in Birmingham

If you want your home to be secure, following these pieces of advice from the police force will prove to be beneficial. Additionally, reinforcing your security system with new technologies and having them installed by a Birmingham locksmith will increase your safety.

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