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Door Closer Installation

Door closers, although often overlooked are a handy device which ensures that your door latches shut once closed. If you have a door that doesn’t close properly or keeps slamming, or you are concerned about fire door regulations and health and safety compliance or security, a door closer could be the solution.

Door closers are usually used in commercial settings in places where the door needs to be kept shut such as communal buildings, schools, hospitals, care homes and offices. Door closers are great for saving energy because they prevent either warm or cool air escaping. They can also prove invaluable in the event of a fire since they prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

We offer door closer installation on most types of doors including aluminium, timber and steel. Door closer installation is best left to a professional locksmith that has experience in commercial and residential door closer installation, mainly because it’s important that the correct door closer that corresponds with the size of door you have is installed and will work well for your situation. If you need help choosing the most suitable door closing solution for you, give us a call and speak to one of our security experts.