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Is your patio door lock giving you a problem?

You should fix it urgently or else your house isn’t secure. For a fast solution and excellent service contact a Keys4u locksmith.

Why choose a Keys4u locksmith?

We have been replacing locks for satisfied customers in different parts of the country for over nine years. No matter where you live in England, a Keys4u locksmith is not far away. We work every day of the week, and you can contact us day or night. We can resolve your patio door problem in double quick time as we have a 30-minute response window.

Common patio door problems

Your patio door may be faulty for several reasons:

The handle may be loose.

The door may not lock or unlock.

The key won’t turn.

Your door may not be sliding correctly.

Don’t put off these kinds of problems. You need a professional locksmith straight away.


You can’t take chances with a patio door that doesn’t work correctly. This type of access to your home can be an ideal opportunity for thieves. Your patio door is usually located in a quiet area at the back or side of your property, a perfect location for a burglar to work unobserved.

Different types of patio door

Patio doors used to mean sliding doors, but now we use the term loosely for all glass doors opening onto the garden usually at the rear or side of houses. Patio doors can include French doors, sliding doors and bifold doors. They also come in different materials such as PVCu, wood and metal. This diversity means that patio doors have many kinds of locks. 

There are lots of different locking systems, depending on the type of patio door and its fabric. Wooden French doors often have 5-lever mortice locks at top and bottom. Sometimes they have a mortice lock on the primary door and a bolt on the slave. Many modern PVCu and composite double doors have multi-point locks. Sliding doors with multi-point locks use hook bolts to fasten the door to the frame. Bifold doors usually have a multi-point locking system, often with the additional security of a deadbolt.

Whatever type of patio door you have we can replace it like-for-like. Our locksmiths carry a wide range of the most common types of locks for French doors, sliding doors and bifold doors. We can even replace unusual locks.

If you would like to upgrade your patio doors’ security, we would be pleased to offer you advice and do the work for you. We can provide some different solutions for different types of patio door.

Additional security

We can provide extra security for your patio doors such as ant-snap cylinders, deadbolts or shoot bolts.

We can add extra security to French doors and sliding doors. Top and bottom bolts are a way of keeping your French doors secure. Intruders used to bypass the locks of sliding doors by lifting them off their runners. Most modern sliding doors have eradicated this weakness, and have multi-point locks. We can enhance the security of your sliding doors by fitting extra locks such as deadbolts or a sliding door lock. Modern bifold doors also have multi-point locks, but we can increase the lock’s effectiveness by adding other security measures such as twin point locks or drop bolts.

A professional and reliable service

Our locksmiths are trained to the highest professional standards and have many years of experience with all types of locks. They are completely trustworthy and have all been DBS checked. You can be sure of an excellent result as testified by the numerous positive reviews we get for our work. We will not charge for a call out and also have a competitive pricing structure. 


We offer a six-month guarantee on our products and a service check if required. We also provide excellent after-sales service and are always ready to help our clients with any security issues.

If you need a new lock for your patio door, or are not satisfied with your present security and would like an upgrade, please contact us.

Tel 033 330 52993

Email[email protected]


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What are the most secure locks for my PVCu patio French doors?

You will probably have a multi-point locking system. Make sure that the lock has a PAS3621 rating.

Do I need a new PVCu patio door if the lock has broken?

No. You will probably have a multi-point lock on the door. In which case you can just replace the lock. It is often the gearbox that has failed, and replacing the gearbox is cheaper than replacing the whole lock.

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