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Secure Your Home with Our Eviction Locksmith Service 

An eviction locksmith service can provide an extra layer of security for homeowners or landlords who are in the process of evicting a tenant or dealing with a difficult situation. An eviction locksmith can change the locks on the property to prevent unauthorized access and provide peace of mind that the property is secure.

This service can be especially useful in situations where a tenant has failed to vacate the property after being given notice, or if there is a dispute over ownership of the property. By changing the locks, the eviction locksmith service can prevent the tenant from re-entering the property without authorization and can ensure that the property remains secure until the legal process is resolved.

Get Access to Your Property with the Right Paperwork

Warrant of Possession: In some cases, a warrant of possession may be required in order to gain access to a property. This is a court order that allows a landlord to regain possession of a property if a tenant has failed to vacate the property after being given notice.

Professional and Experienced Locksmiths 

Our team of professional and experienced local emergency locksmiths is here to help you gain access to your property. We understand the need to be able to secure your home and provide a safe and secure environment. Our locksmiths are experienced in eviction services, meaning that they can help you gain access to your property with the right paperwork. 

Access with a Warrant or Writ 

Our locksmiths require a warrant or writ from the court before they can gain access to your property. With the right paperwork, our team can help you gain access to the property and evict tenants or squatters with a writ of possession. Our locksmiths will use the most up-to-date technology to ensure that your home remains secure, even after the eviction process is complete. 

Get Access to Your Property Now 

Don't wait any longer to get access to your property. Our team of experienced and professional locksmiths are here to help you gain access to your property with the right paperwork. Contact us now to get started and make sure that your home remains secure. We are here to help you get the access you need, no matter the situation.


1) Professional Locksmith Services: Our experienced and certified locksmiths can provide a wide range of services, from residential lock changes to commercial security systems. We are also able to make keys, repair door frames and replace padlocks. 

2) Warrant or Writ Required: A warrant or writ is required in order for our locksmiths to gain access to your property. This ensures that the eviction process is conducted in a legal and professional manner.  

3) Quick Response Times: Our team of locksmiths is on call 24/7, so we guarantee a rapid response time to any emergency situation. We understand the urgency in these situations and will do our best to alleviate any stress caused by an unexpected eviction. 


1) Safe Eviction Process: By having our locksmiths with the proper paperwork, you can be sure that your tenants or squatters will be evicted safely and legally. This provides peace of mind that your property is not at risk of damage or other criminal activity during the eviction process. 

2) Cost-Effective Solutions: The services provided by our locksmiths are cost-effective solutions that don’t require costly court proceedings or lengthy legal processes. Allowing us to conduct the eviction quickly enables you to regain control over your property without spending large sums of money on lawyers and court fees. 

3) Experienced Professionals: Our team of certified locksmiths has years of experience dealing with eviction cases in a variety of different scenarios. This makes them well equipped to handle any situation involving tenants or squatters who refuse to leave peacefully. With their expertise and knowledge, they can find the most effective solution for evicting unwanted guests as soon as possible.

I recently had to evict a tenant from one of my properties and Keys4U Locksmith was a huge help. They came out and changed the locks on the property and made sure that the tenant could not get back in. They were very professional and I would recommend them to anyone who needs a locksmith.

Don't let your home be taken from you! Make sure to protect your property and stay in control with the help of a professional locksmith.

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