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Police Remind Residents To Improve Their Home Security

Police have reminded residents in Trafford South to keep their homes safe this springtime after a rise in the number of burglary cases since the end of the Christmas season. One thing concerned homeowners can do is to get in touch with a certified locksmith in Manchester to carry out a security assessment on the premises. Good Manchester locksmiths will carry identification and will have been DBS checked by their employers so you’ll know they are legitimate and trustworthy when they visit your home.

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Greater Manchester Police said in their message to residents that enhancing security will help to keep their families safe. Inspector Cross from the GMP suggested a range of security measures that could significantly deter criminals when they are implemented in the home.

Firstly, check all doors and windows are locked properly and securely. Even though plenty of people are still working from home, many reported burglaries were by individuals who gained entry through unlocked doors or windows when the house occupants had just stepped away from the room, even if only for a moment.

Secondly, the police said, people shouldn’t take false reassurance from doors with multiple locking points. The practice of ‘lock snapping’ is becoming more widespread, where culprits break the lock cylinder, from which point it’s relatively easy to manipulate the door to open. Choosing the right lock for each point of entry is important, and a good locksmith in Manchester can evaluate the integrity of each of your locks, making recommendations on weak points and possible upgrades, if you wish.

Thirdly, one major update that will make a massive difference to your home security is the installation of the latest home security devices like smart locks and CCTV. Accessible and controllable via your smartphone, these devices can notify you via SMS or a notification from the app that motion has been detected in or around your house. That early warning enables you to call the police who can hopefully apprehend the offenders while the burglary’s in progress.

Timer switches and some mobile apps can help make it look like someone’s home while you’re away, turning on lights and a radio or the TV at random or set times. And external lighting with a motion sensor can also alert you or neighbours to possible criminal activity on your property.

Fourthly, if you have a burglar alarm, activate it whenever you leave your house, even if you won’t be gone for long. Most alarms also let you secure particular rooms when the household’s asleep.

Finally, never leave handbags, wallets, keys, ID documents, and other important or valuable items on view in windows or near the front door. Valuable items on show attract opportunist theft; and it’s relatively common for thieves to hook car and house keys through the letterbox, then stealing the vehicle or letting themselves into your home.

If you notice any suspicious activity in your neighbourhood, don’t think twice about reporting it to the police so they can investigate or increase police presence. That can help drive down crime rates, enhancing security and offering residents peace of mind. Meanwhile, why not have your home security reviewed by an expert?

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Prevention is better than cure. Anyone whose house has been robbed will tell you the difficulty of getting back to normal and feeling safe in your home. And that’s exactly why you should make time to do everything you can to secure your property and prevent the worst from happening.

At Keys4U Locksmith Manchester, we have some of the best Manchester locksmiths, available 24/7 for emergency call-outs, security reviews, lock upgrades on doors and windows, CCTV installation, and more. All our technicians are certified and regularly undergo thorough training to help you make your home or business premises more secure.

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