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Intercom Systems

Knock, Knock! Who’s There?

We hate to be spoilsports here at Keys4U Locksmith Services but once you choose one of our exceptional intercom systems, knock, knock jokes will no longer be relevant to you. An intercom system instantly provides you with an extra layer of security when you are looking for better ways to protect your home or business. Whether you are present in the building or not, these intelligent systems allow you to interact with unwanted visitors, chatty couriers or that uninvited relation you want to avoid.

There are many types of intercom systems on the market and while some are purely audio, others incorporate live video, enabling you to see and confirm, who is at the entrance. Many video intercom systems can be used in conjunction with CCTV footage to help identify criminals or potential criminals who show up to darken your door. Intercom systems are especially worthwhile if you have kids, pets or elderly parents at home as it gives you peace of mind knowing you can converse with cold callers or nosy neighbours while your vulnerable loved ones are safe, secure and none the wiser. 

The Smart Choice

The Smart Choice Rechargeable Doorbell for example, with the aid of motion detection technology, alerts you when someone is approaching the door of your business or residential premises. You will receive an immediate notification on your smart device and can enter into a discussion with your visitor or guest whether you are behind the door or holidaying on the other side of the world. Following an easy, wireless installation service, Smart Choice Doorbells enable you to monitor and manage those who enter or leave your building, thus, within a business setting, eliminating the need for a receptionist.


  • Smart 1080p HD doorbell.
  • Smart phone operated. (Saves information to phone or 16gb card, which is included)
  • Wireless system with 1000 hours rechargeable battery.
  • Motion sensors.
  • No cloud fees.
  • Built-in Microphone and speaker.
  • Doorbell plug with 50 pre-set tunes.
  • Available in black or white finish.

If you are seeking to secure a residential property or looking to bolster your business premises, contact our security experts here at Keys4U Locksmith Services for professional advice on intercom systems, and the next time someone says ‘knock, knock’ to you, you will be ready to deliver the punchline.

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