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Changing the Lock on a UPVC Door is not for the Faint of Heart

Changing the lock on a UPVC doorWhen it comes to changing locks, no one does it better than a locksmith. This is especially true when the locks that need to be changed are not your standard door lock. Some styles of doors, such as UPVC doors, require a little more work and a little more know-how to perform service on. Changing the lock on a UPVC door can be a gruelling task that can best be done only by a trained locksmith.

What Makes Changing the Lock on a UPVC Door So Tricky?

Most doors are generally equipped with simple cylinder locking mechanisms that are relatively straight-forward to replace if they are broken or worn down. It is just one key that must operate one single lock. UPVC doors on the other hand, are far more advanced in their locking mechanisms than you might expect from looking at them. The biggest difference that makes UPVC doors more complicated is that many of them come with multi-point locks. Changing the lock on a UPVC door that has multiple points basically takes one lock change and turns it into two or three depending on the type of lock. This means there are more small pieces to attach correctly, more drilling that needs to be done into the door frame, and more precision when it comes to making sure everything fits just right. You have to ensure that each of the lock points match up perfectly with their pair in the doorframe. Get this wrong, and suddenly your door won’t lock or latch properly, and you may need to replace either the door or the frame!

Another layer that can make changing the lock on a UPVC door challenging is when you add an element of modern technology to the lock. It is possible to have smart locks that are attached to UPVC doors, and this provides an additional level of security. These smart locks must control all three points of the lock simultaneously which makes it imperative that you’ve chosen the right smart lock for your door and that it is installed correctly. A locksmith is going to be the best option to make sure everything is running smoothly. After all, more security means more work, which also means more opportunity for error.

A Temporary Fix

If the lock on your UPVC door is damaged but you need to wait to get it replaced, there’s a convenient solution. An overnight gearbox lock will keep your home secure until you can have a new lock installed. These repair locks are an easy to install temporary fix for any UPVC door.

Call a Professional

No matter what you decide to get, you should always leave changing the lock on a UPVC door to the professionals. A fully-trained and licensed locksmith will be fully familiar with UPVC doors and their locks. Your home’s security is safe in their hands.

If you are unsure if there is a locksmith around, a simple ‘locksmith near me’ search will point you in the right direction, whether you need a locksmith in Coventry for your home in the West Midlands, or a UPVC lock change in the heart of London. No matter when you decide to upgrade that lock, just know that calling a locksmith for help will be the best thing you can do for your door.

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