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5 Exquisite locking mechanisms

Best locking mechanisms ever created

Since the dawn of time, mankind kept trying to devise ways to lock up and keep safe its belongings. Materials and techniques have changed, naturally, but the spirit of invention and ingeniousness presides over all our noble efforts to keep that which is ours – just so. Here’s a rundown of some of the niftiest locking devices ever created. Each of them offers a fresh take on keeping safe:

High & Low Tech: Bluetooth-Morse Code Padlock

Nokē (Pronounced “No Key”) is a futuristic padlock without a keyhole. Instead, it has a Bluetooth connection and an App. It’s a two-step method lock (meaning, a perp cannot unlock or hijack the wireless connection while you work the App). If you ask then, what is to be done when lacking a smartphone or electricity altogether? No worries, because you can program the Nokē to open via manual Morse code (!)

Strange Times: The Lockable panties

As chastity belts never really caught on, what with today’s screening systems and other airport embarrassments, NY based startup “AR Wear” designed the ultimate undergarment for chaste maidens, featuring space-age materials and technology that assure no hanky-panky (unless said maiden desires it, that is). You cannot remove it, tear it, cut or unlock it unless the wearer wants to (and/or needs to visit the lavatory). Let’s just say this initiative garnered mixed reviews and opinions.

Napoleonic Era: The Trick Lock

Not sufficing with elaborate locks to protect valuables (because keys could be stolen or duplicated), safe makers perfected various methods of assuring no one will get the goodies unless authorized to do so. Double locks were added to a plethora of mechanisms that made safe-cracking more cumbersome, if not outright impossible. This mechanical art peaked in Europe during the Napoleonic era. The Trick Lock, watch in awe:

Watchmakers’ Delight: Triple Movement Time Lock

This turn of a century marvel was designed to allow safes to be opened or sealed at programmable times, with triple mechanisms to assure correct operation and with close to zero malfunctions. It is probably the pinnacle of locksmith mechanics, just on the brink of the electronic revolution – which swept all the fanciful gadgetry away – but what a beauty it is to behold!

Ancient Times: The Last door

It is said that a perfect lock has no key. A burglar cannot steal, duplicate or bribe his way through a door with a perfect lock. Such is the case with vault B, in the bowls of the Golden Temple in Kerala, India. Vault B is second out of six. The other vaults were opened to yield great treasures in gold and art, but not vault B. The inscription on the door instructs that the door shall open only for a devout Buddhist monk, reciting a magical incantation. The door is also covered with ominous engravings and keeps its secrets hidden since 500 BC. It’s quite a long time to hold for one song, but the last door still waits.

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