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Authorities Urge Homeowners To Add CCTVs To Their Home Security During Lockdown

Even though we’re spending more time at home at the moment in the UK, data shows that 356,000 homes were still broken into over the last year. That’s prompted the authorities and security experts alike to remind people to review and improve their security. A Bristol locksmith can carry out a full security assessment of your home or business and make recommendations on how to keep your property safer. A locksmith in Bristol can also check your existing locks for faults and make any necessary repairs and improvements.

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According to the statistics, 64% of burglaries in England and Wales last year took place while the residents were at home. Researchers also asked former burglars what measures had most deterred them from breaking into particular premises. Their top answers were CCTV, the sound of a barking dog, security lights, and tall fences.

Residents in some areas of the UK, including Bristol and Norfolk, were found to be far laxer in terms of home security than others in areas like Manchester and London. Here, homeowners were around four times more likely to have security devices installed.

Any good Bristol locksmith will tell you that having CCTV around your property will deter opportunist thieves from breaking into your home. In the past decade, CCTV footage has increasingly been used in evidence to identify and capture suspects.

CCTV technology has improved greatly over the years. Particularly, the resolution of the images has increased to 4K, meaning clear, sharp images are now available for the identification of suspects. It’s widely acknowledged that good CCTV images nowadays offer the best and strongest evidence for police to catch the culprits and bring a case to court.

Another important technological advancement incorporated into many modern CCTV systems is high-definition night vision, which allows the same quality of images day and night. As many burglaries are conducted under cover of darkness, this is an especially useful feature.

Manufacturers have also designed weatherproof systems that can withstand extreme conditions even in winter, so CCTV can perform reliably wherever cameras are located. With online monitoring through your phone or laptop, you can even keep an eye out for property damage in storms while you’re away or safe inside.

Additional features for current CCTV devices include enforcer lights, which flash red and blue lights to resemble police cars when the motion sensor is triggered. Some cameras also have thermal sensors which can start recording when heat and motion are detected. This ensures you’re only recording images that are suspect and greatly reduces the chances of false alarms.

While under lockdown and associated restrictions, people want to feel safe while they’re at home. The statistics show that thieves are becoming even more determined and are no longer as discouraged from criminal activity by homeowners being present on the property. This explains why having CCTV around the house and your perimeters can play a vital role in preventing unwanted intruders from entering your home.

Houses without such security devices are more likely to be targeted by thieves, especially if there’s been a history of burglary in the neighbourhood. A good CCTV system is a great investment in the safety of your home. Even if you can’t afford such a system, there’s merit in asking a locksmith in Bristol to carry out a security assessment of your house and improve the quality of your window and door locks if needed.

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Taking precautionary measures to protect your home is always a good idea and can even help reduce your insurance premiums. This can be done by installing all the latest security technology. While it may come at a price, that may well be worth it if you have greater peace of mind that your property is better protected against unscrupulous individuals.

At Keys4U Locksmith Bristol, we provide trustworthy locksmith services. We can carry out repairs to damaged and faulty locks, upgrade them, and even install the latest security systems in your home.

Our team is composed of professional and licensed locksmiths who have many years of experience. They can recommend practical upgrades and advice on how to improve the security in and around your home.

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