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Bethenal Green Burglary Case

Hello readers!

Christmas time is our busiest time of the year, with everyone running around shopping for presents, and leaving their keys absentmindedly in all sorts of places! Remember we’re always available to let you guys in, no matter the time or the weather!

We want to share with you a rather unfortunate story we’ve come across recently with a returning customer of ours.

He is a gentleman in his mid 30’s from Bethenal Green, who first called us about 6 months ago as he was locked out of his flat late at night. We managed to get the door open fairly quickly, and with no damage at all to the lock or the door, since he had a simple, standard night latch lock, which the flat originally came with. The locksmith on site suggested the lock might not be the safest and most secure option, and recommended that the gentleman should consider upgrading to something more robust, such as a high security mul-T-lock. The man nodded and promised he would ring the office the next day to schedule an appointment to get it done.

6 months go by, and we get a phone call from the same man, sounding mournful and frustrated. His flat had just been broken into, he said. All it took for the burglars was a firm push against the door and it flew open. He ended the call with booking one of our technicians for the next day, to install a new, high security lock, as his landlord, the police and his insurance company requested he should do.

We hate telling someone “I told you so”, especially when they’re in plight. But consider this – burglars are professional door busters. They can tell if your door is held shut with a flimsy lock or a sturdy one. If they spot a high security lock on your door, they may very well not bother with it.

Think about it, and till next time – have a very lovely week!

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