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After a Burglary, Regain Peace of Mind with a Lock Change

As you walk up to the front door of your home or your business you notice the tell-tale signs that the door has been tampered with. Perhaps the door has been forced open or the lock has been picked. You notice that the door is ajar, and with a feeling of inevitability, you know that your residence or office has been subject to a break-and-enter. With a sinking feeling you push open the door the remaining distance so that you can enter the building or flat, and you look around at the chaos left by the burglars as they tossed the rooms apart and took whatever they could find of value. This is a scene nobody wants to come home to but it does happen, and it requires an immediate lock change after you have telephoned the police. You do not want to stay in an office or a residence in which the locks have been tampered with, what you want is to feel secure in your surroundings again.

Time for a Lock Change

When you do telephone your locksmith in Bradford or your locksmith in Leeds, you will want to make them aware of the situation. All the details that you provide will ensure that they can address all of your safety concerns with your new locking system. If the lock has tampered with it is possible that it can be fixed, unless it is a chain lock in which the chain was cut, for example. If the lock was picked then you may want to consider a completely new locking system so that this situation is less likely to happen again. 

Once the locksmith has arrived, assessed the existing locking system and how the lock was involved in the break-in then they can advise you on the new system that should be installed. It may be necessary to install more than one lock, as a simple deadbolt tends not to be enough. Usually, a three-lock system is the best way to go. Additionally, smart locks provide even more security. If a smart lock is installed, it often works in conjunction with a code that unlocks the deadbolt. This code can be reprogrammed daily so that no one code is ever used twice. As well, if someone tries to access the house with the wrong code after a certain number of tries a security system can be alerted that a potential burglary is in progress and send a security car out to check on the residence or business. If you are looking for peace of mind, then a smart lock system is your best bet. There are even smart lock systems that have cameras embedded in them that take pictures of whoever attempts to unlock the door. Some also have fingerprint scanners, but a simple smart lock that has a keycode, and automatic locking after 30 seconds is all most people need to feel protected. 

Post-Burglary Door Repair or Replacement

If a door has been damaged in the burglary as well as the lock then it may be necessary to replace both the door and the lock. A professional locksmith will be able to assess the damage and then either repair your existing door or install a new door and perform a lock change or installation of a new system at the same time. UPVC doors tend to be the go-to for security, and installing a multi-locking system or smart lock is very easy. The goal is that you feel safe and secure after a burglary, and sometimes the best way to do this is by starting fresh with a new door and a new lock.

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