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Case Study – Facilities Management Company

Our first call out for a brand new client, a large facilities management company, sent through a works order for us to attend to a broken door in the ladies toilet at one of the office blocks that they manage. They gave us few details regarding the extent of ‘damage’. An engineer arrived to site the same day to find the door was separate from the cubicle with massive holes around both hinge areas where the chipboard had deteriorated.

Obviously a total door replacement was needed as there was nowhere to refix the door back to the hinges securely, but the client needed a temporary fix so that the toilet could be used in the meantime.

Our expert engineer managed to re-enforce the door around the hinges and hung it safely as a temporary measure. He also inspected the remainder of the cubicle to make sure it was ok and took measurements and photos for a new door.

That afternoon, we went back to our client with the news that we had sourced a new door and provided a quote to re-attend and fit the new door. They were thrilled that we did this so quickly, but even happier that we had managed to hang the door in the meantime.

Five days later we were back on site, with a brand new door, indicator bolt and stronger hinges and within an hour the customer had a brand new door at a reasonable price. Excellent first job for this new client, paving the way for many more!!

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