Posted on January 19, 2018 by sylius in Case Study

Case Study – Lockdown Policy for Schools, EN5

A local school that holds an account with us called for recommendations on making some of the entrance/exit points comply with the new ‘Lockdown Policy’. According to new legislation, schools now have to be able to lock down the school in case of an incident outside which required this school to have a security upgrade.

The requirements of such are that the teachers need to be able to lock the entrance/exit points without keys. The rooms in questions were two of the classrooms that back onto the playground that comprised floor to ceiling windows and a door from each classroom onto the patio.

After sending an engineer to survey the site, we came up with two options. One was to install emergency shutters that can be activated either remotely or with a button and will bring down a shutter to protect the windows.

The second option is a simpler, cheaper option and that would be in install lockable bolts on the inside of the door. In an emergency, all the teacher would need to do is push the bolt down.

The school decided that the risk was very low at these entry points, due to other security, so opted for the lockable bolts. The next week these were installed to the satisfaction of the school and the lockdown policy.

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