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Common Myths and Misconceptions About Mortice Locks Debunked


Myth: Mortice locks are easy to pick. 

Contrary to popular belief, mortice locks are not easily picked, encompassing both sashlocks and deadlocks. Those unfamiliar with the complex internal mechanisms and sturdy construction of these robust security devices often perpetuates this myth.

Mortice locks boast multiple pins that need to be precisely aligned for the lock to open. This intricate setup makes it a formidable challenge for unauthorised individuals to manipulate them. Imagine attempting to solve a Rubik's Cube blindfolded - that's how perplexing it can be for would-be intruders trying to pick a mortice lock!

The design of these locks is so complex that even an experienced locksmith armed with specialised tools would require significant time and expertise to pick one. It's akin to deciphering an ancient code without a key - not impossible, but certainly no walk in the park.

So, rest assured, when you choose a mortice lock from Keys4U, you're not just purchasing a lock; you're investing in peace of mind. Our locks are designed to withstand picking attempts, providing high-level security that keeps your property safe and secure. Remember, when it comes to home security, knowledge is power. So, let's dispel the myths and make informed decisions based on hard facts!

Myth: Mortice locks can be easily bypassed using credit cards or other tools. 

The myth that mortice locks can be easily bypassed with a credit card or similar tool is a fallacy often perpetuated by Hollywood films and television dramas. The modern mortice lock is a fortress of security, designed with advanced features that make it resistant to such rudimentary bypassing techniques. 

Modern mortice locks, like those offered by Keys4U, are engineered with anti-carding plates or guards. These features act as an impenetrable shield, preventing any unauthorised access through manipulation with objects like credit cards or thin pieces of metal. 

Furthermore, the internal components of high-quality mortice locks are designed to prevent external objects from disengaging the locking mechanism without the proper key or turning motion. It's akin to opening a bank vault with a toothpick - utterly futile!

Lock manufacturers are not resting on their laurels either. They continuously innovate their designs based on emerging threats, ensuring that newer models offer enhanced protection against bypass methods. This ongoing evolution is part of our commitment at Keys4U to provide you with the most secure and reliable products available.

So next time you watch a movie where the hero effortlessly opens a door with a credit card, remember it's just Hollywood magic. Your mortice lock is working tirelessly to keep your property safe and secure.

Myth: All mortice locks offer the same level of security. 

There's a common misconception that all mortice locks offer the same level of security. This, however, is far from the truth. Just as a Rolls Royce and a Mini Cooper are cars but offer vastly different driving experiences, not all mortice locks are created equal regarding security features and quality.

When choosing a mortice lock, selecting reputable brands and models that meet industry standards for durability and resistance against forced entry attempts is vital. Look out for certifications such as British Standard BS3621 - akin to the Michelin star rating in the culinary world. It indicates that the lock has undergone rigorous testing and meets specific security requirements.

Consider factors such as the material used in the construction of the lock. Is it made from sturdy steel or flimsy plastic? Does it have additional security features like hardened steel bolts or anti-drill plates? What about overall build quality? These are like a car's horsepower, suspension and brake system - they significantly impact performance.

Consulting with a professional locksmith can be as beneficial as speaking to an experienced mechanic when buying a car. They can help you identify the most secure options within your budget, ensuring you get the best bang for your buck.

So remember, just like cars, not all mortice locks are built alike. Choose wisely and invest in quality - your security is not something to compromise on!

Myth: Mortice locks can be easily drilled open. 

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Drilling open a mortice lock? It's a myth that's as hard to crack as the lock itself. While technically possible, it requires specialised tools, skills, and a substantial amount of time - resources most burglars simply don't have. They prefer quick and quiet methods that don't attract attention, making drilling less common as a break-in technique.

High-quality mortice locks, like those offered by Keys4U, are crafted with hardened steel components specifically engineered to resist drilling attempts. Picture this: trying to drill through one of these locks is like trying to drill through a diamond with a toothpick. It's not going to happen!

The internal mechanisms of mortice locks are complex and require precise drilling techniques to bypass successfully. Imagine trying to navigate through the labyrinth of Minos in complete darkness; that's how challenging it is to breach these locks compared to other types.

Many modern mortise locks go even further in their defence, incorporating anti-drill pins or plates that increase their resistance against drilling attacks. It's like adding an extra layer of armour on a medieval knight - the more protection, the better.

So, next time you hear someone claim they can easily drill open a mortice lock, remember: it's just a myth. With Keys4U, your safety is our priority. We provide robust mortice locks designed to withstand even the most determined of attacks. Don't settle for less when it comes to your security!

Myth: Adding extra deadbolts makes your door more secure than relying solely on the mortice lock. 

You've heard the myth: adding extra deadbolts to your door makes it more secure than relying solely on a mortice lock. Well, let me tell you, that's like saying adding more icing makes a cake tastier. Sure, it might seem like a good idea, but it's not addressing the quality of the cake itself.

Now, don't get me wrong. Extra deadbolts can enhance overall door security, much like icing can enhance a cake's appeal. But they should never replace the primary function of the mortise lock itself. A properly installed and high-quality mortise lock from Keys4U provides robust protection on its own without needing to rely solely on supplementary measures.

Consider this: Mortise locks are specifically designed for securing doors. They offer multiple locking points and sturdy construction for optimal strength against forced entry attempts - much like a well-baked cake stands firm and delicious on its merit.

Deadbolts, while providing an added layer of security, should be seen as complementary rather than a substitute for a reliable mortise lock system. It's like sprinkling some icing sugar or adding a cherry on top of that well-baked cake - nice to have but not essential.

Furthermore, it's vital to ensure proper alignment between all locking mechanisms (mortise lock and deadbolt) to maximise their effectiveness in preventing unauthorised access. Think of it as making sure your icing complements your cake perfectly.

So next time you consider your home security options, remember this: just as a great cake doesn't rely solely on its icing, a secure door doesn't depend only on additional deadbolts. Trust in the robust protection offered by our high-quality mortise locks at Keys4U - because your safety is our priority!

Myth: Mortise locks cannot withstand brute force attacks. 

Picture this: a brutish intruder attempts to force their way into your home, using sheer physical strength to break down the door. You may have heard the myth that a mortice lock can't withstand such a brute-force attack. But let me tell you, that's as far from the truth as it can be.

Modern mortice locks, like those provided by Keys4U, are akin to a fortress. They're crafted with reinforced plates and strike boxes, making them highly resistant to brute force attacks such as kicking or ramming the door. It's like trying to break down a castle gate with your bare hands - futile and foolish.

Consider the robust construction of these mortice locks. Combined with their deep installation within the door frame, they distribute the impact of a forced entry attempt across a larger surface area. It's like spreading butter over toast - the more evenly it's spread, the harder it is to remove.

Now, let's talk about strike plates. These reinforced components provide additional strength by reinforcing the area where the lock engages with the door frame. It's akin to adding steel reinforcements to concrete - it prevents it from easily giving way under pressure.

But we don't stop there. Our mortice lock models also feature hardened steel bolts or anti-pry shields. This enhances their resistance against physical attacks even further. It's like adding an extra layer of armour on top of an already fortified castle wall.

So next time you hear someone claim that mortice locks can't withstand brute force attacks, remember this: With Keys4U, your safety is our priority. We provide robust mortice locks designed to withstand even the most determined attacks. Don't settle for less when it comes to your security!

Myth: Mortise locks require frequent maintenance. 

There's a myth that mortise locks need as much attention as a newborn baby. They're saying these locks require constant maintenance and care, or they'll fall apart. Let me tell you, that's as far from the truth as the moon is from the earth.

Mortise locks are like those hardy plants you see growing in the wild. They're robust, low-maintenance and can withstand harsh conditions. Sure, they appreciate a little TLC now and then - occasional lubrication of the internal components ensures smooth operation and longevity. But frequent servicing? That's just not necessary.

Think of it like this: applying a small amount of graphite powder or silicone-based lubricant to keyholes and moving parts is akin to watering your plant. It helps prevent friction-related issues such as sticking or jamming, keeping your lock working smoothly and efficiently.

Regularly cleaning any accumulated dirt or debris around the lock mechanism is like removing weeds around your plant. It contributes to optimal performance over time, ensuring your lock remains sturdy and reliable.

But what if you notice signs of wear or damage on your mortise lock? Well, that's like seeing your plant wilting or turning yellow. It's advisable to consult a professional locksmith for inspection and potential repairs - much like you'd call in an expert gardener.

So next time you hear someone claim that mortise locks require frequent maintenance, remember that With Keys4U, we provide robust mortise locks designed for resilience and longevity. We believe in quality over quantity - because your safety is our priority!

Myth: All mortice locks can be easily duplicated. 

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Has someone been whispering in your ear that all mortice locks can be easily duplicated? Let me be the one to shatter this myth. Reputable mortice lock manufacturers, like Keys4U, utilise advanced key-cutting techniques and patented key profiles that make unauthorised duplication as difficult as trying to replicate a Picasso with a box of crayons.

Modern mortise locks aren't just a piece of metal; they are engineering marvels. They incorporate complex pin configurations and unique keyway designs that are as challenging to replicate accurately as it would be for an amateur to reproduce a concert pianist's performance without access to specialised equipment.

And here's something else: Professional locksmiths typically have restricted access keys provided by lock manufacturers. This means it's more difficult for unauthorised individuals to duplicate keys without proper authorisation than for a cat to walk on its hind legs.

But what if you're still concerned about key security? Well, rekeying or replacing a mortise lock is often recommended. This ensures that only authorised individuals have access to the new set of keys, much like changing the password on your computer.

So next time you hear someone claim that all mortice locks can be easily duplicated, remember this: With Keys4U, we provide robust mortice locks designed with advanced security features. Because when it comes to your safety, we believe in leaving no stone unturned!

Myth: Mortise locks are outdated and less secure compared to modern alternatives. 

There's a rumour going around, whispering in the wind, suggesting that mortise locks are outdated and less secure than modern alternatives. This couldn't be further from the truth. Mortise locks have stood the test of time, much like the grand architecture of our ancient cathedrals and castles. Their robust construction and reliability have made them a popular choice for residential and commercial properties, offering high security when installed correctly.

The design principles behind mortice locks are akin to those of ancient fortresses - timeless and effective in preventing forced entry attempts. Despite advancements in technology, they remain steadfast. It's like comparing a classic novel to an e-book; the format might have changed, but the story is still as captivating.

Mortise locks from Keys4U are not relics of the past; they are guardians of your safety. They represent years of engineering refinement, incorporating complex pin configurations and unique keyway designs that are challenging for intruders to overcome.

So next time you hear whispers suggesting that mortise locks are outdated or less secure than modern alternatives, remember this: With Keys4U, we provide robust mortise locks designed with advanced security features. Because when it comes to your safety, we believe in leaving no stone unturned!

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