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Door snaps shut in Clapham

Hello readers!

Hope autumn isn’t too dreary on you, and that you haven’t found yourself locked out in the rain too often.

Recently we received a call from a lady in Brixton, which was clearly very distressed and concerned. She had stepped out of her flat to check something with the neighbour, and her door shut behind her, leaving inside the flat a 1.5 year old infant, and a pot on the hob. She would later tell us that she instinctively thought of calling a locksmith instead of the police, because she trusted a locksmith would be quicker on the scene.

We were indeed lucky to have one of our top locksmiths in Clapham not 3 miles away from her flat in Clapham. He was able to rush to the scene, unlock the door with no damage to the door whatsoever. The whole thing took no longer than 15 minutes. Inside, the child was playing happily by himself, unaware of the drama that was unfolding on the other side of the door.

Moral of the story is – If your door snaps shut, never leave the house without your keys on you!

As you know, we operate a 24/7 emergency locksmith service, and our technicians are spread around London so that they can be on the scene in less than 30 minutes from when you placed the call. This is a policy we hold dear, and aim to provide it to all our customers. Not only because it’s good service and professionalism, but also because sometimes being first on the scene can mean a great deal.

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